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Number Series Reasoning

Reasoning is one of the most important section in a Competitive exam. A good score in Reasoning test can lead you to score very good marks in competitive exams. This can be achieve only if you have a very good reasoning skills. Basically reasoning is divided into few sections according to logic and type. One of them is Number Series Reasoning.

One of the most important chapter of Reasoning aptitude test is Number Series. Lots of reasoning questions will surely come in your examination from this chapter. Now here we will discuss some questions on this topic and also the process of getting the solution. This will help you to do the Number Series reasoning very easily and quickly. Reasoning shortcut tricks is all about quickly and accurately solve reasoning questions in exams. Here we will show you the method of “How to solve Reasoning using shortcut tricks”.

Few Important things to Remember

Time is the most important factor in every competitive exams. You should complete your exam within the time frame. But in competitive exams, your calculation ability is tested. They tests, how you do your calculation within time. They tests, how quickly a student can solve a question paper. For this reason, many students won’t complete their paper within the given time space. But for faster solution you need to use tricks of reasoning and Number Series which will help you to solve government, bank and other exam papers quickly.

We provide so many shortcut tricks and online tests here in You need to learn those shortcut tricks carefully. Learn every topic and every chapter of reasoning Then purchase online PDF on reasoning or purchase reasoning books from the market. You can also download free eBooks on reasoning from various websites. Then find out the practice sets in those books and solve those reasoning MCQ questions using tricks which you have learn here in Now you can notice the difference between usage of reasoning tricks and non usage of reasoning tricks. Our notes of reasoning on Number Series will be your success mantra of your exam.

Now we will discuss few important reasoning question answer and also discuss Number Series chapter in detail.

What is Number Series?

Number series are based on combinations of numbers. There are some different types of series which is missing series and wrongly put series. In this type of series one missing number is given, at first you have to observe the pattern then according with the pattern replaces the actual missing number.

In each of questions one number has given wrong in series, Similarly at first you have to observe the pattern of the given series, using mathematical solution replaces the wrong term in series.


Types of Number Series


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