Machine Input

Machine Input :

In every Competitive exam, one of the most important section is Reasoning. You can score a great marks in competitive exams, if you get a good score in Reasoning test. Only a deep knowledge of reasoning skills can give you a good marks. Logically and type wise reasoning can be divided into few more sections. This Machine Input topic is one of them.

Machine Input is one of the most important topic of Reasoning aptitude tests. In your reasoning exam, few questions will definitely come from this topic. Here in this page we will discuss Machine Input reasoning with solution which will help you to solve Machine Input questions very easily and quickly. In exam, reasoning questions can be solved very easily and quickly using reasoning shortcut tricks. Here we will show you the method of “How to solve Reasoning using shortcut tricks”.

Few Important things to Remember

Time is a very important thing in every exams. You need to finish your examination within time. But in competitive exams, your calculation ability is tested. They tests, how you do your calculation within time. They tests, how fast you can solve a paper. For this reason, many students won’t complete their paper within the given time space. But if you use tricks of reasoning and Machine Input then it will help you to solve bank, government or any other exam paper much faster. provides so many shortcut reasoning tricks and online mock tests. Just learn those tricks carefully. You need to learn every topic of reasoning. Then buy reasoning books from the market or reasoning PDF from online. You can also download free eBooks on reasoning from various websites. Then solve the practice sets of those books and try to solve those reasoning MCQ questions using tricks which you have learn in Now you can notice the difference between usage of reasoning tricks and non usage of reasoning tricks. Go through our reasoning notes on Machine Input will help to get success in your examination.

Now we will discuss few important reasoning question answer and also discuss Machine Input chapter in detail.

The Machine Input chapter is a combinations of two types. The questions are given on this two types. One is arrangement and another is shifting. Arrangement is basically increasing or decreasing order of numbers, word or letter. Shifting is basically on interchange position of number or letter.


Types of Machine Input

Machine Input




Input: M A C H I N E

  1. A M C H I N E
  2. A C M H I N E
  3. then, A C E M H I N
  4. A C E H M I N
  5. A C E H I M N

Before going to this types you have to analyze the pattern and arrangements of the given Input. After that you need to evaluate the questions given below.

This machine Input system arrangements can be different combinations, Like number which are given in ascending or descending order or word. The words which are given alphabetically or reverse alphabetically in combination of vowel or consonant. Some times its given in form of mixed, where words or numbers both are given.

The Machine Input chapter is given most of the exams. So it is very necessary to learn before going to exams.


Remember Notes

  • Before going to solve questions its important to understand the arrangements of the machine input.
  • You can understand the arrangements be easily by see the last step of output.
  • Some times in questions that is output is given and you need to find the input. So answer should be none of these.


Questions asked about Machine Input

  • Which one will be the final arrangement ?
  • How many steps would be needed to complete the arrangement ?
  • When output is given and you have to find the input, So, Answer should be ( None of these ).
  • When a particular step has given then you have to find the last step or any other step in that arrangement.
  • Which step will be last but one step ?


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