Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency

In every Competitive exam, one of the most important section is Reasoning. A good score in Reasoning test can lead you to score very good marks in competitive exams. This can be achieve only if you have a very good reasoning skills. Logically and type wise reasoning can be divided into few more sections. One of them is Data Sufficiency.

Data Sufficiency is a very important chapter of Reasoning aptitude tests. Lots of reasoning questions will surely come in your examination from this chapter. Here in this page we will discuss Data Sufficiency reasoning with solution which will help you to solve Data Sufficiency questions very easily and quickly. In exam, reasoning questions can be solved very easily and quickly using reasoning shortcut tricks. Now we will show you the process of “Using shortcut tricks, How you can solve reasoning questions”.

Few Important things to Remember

Time is a very important thing in every exams. You need to finish your examination within time. But in every competitive exam they also test your calculation ability within a given time frame. They tests, how fast a student can complete a question paper. For this reason, many students won’t complete their paper within the given time space. But if you use tricks of reasoning and Data Sufficiency then it will help you to solve bank, government or any other exam paper much faster.

We provide so many shortcut tricks and online tests here in You need to learn those shortcut tricks carefully. Learn every topic and every chapter of reasoning Then purchase online PDF on reasoning or purchase reasoning books from the market. You can also download free eBooks on reasoning from various websites. Then solve the practice sets of those books and try to solve those reasoning MCQ questions using tricks which you have learn in Now you can notice the difference between usage of reasoning tricks and non usage of reasoning tricks. Our reasoning notes on Data Sufficiency will be your key success to your exam.

Now we will discuss all the details of Data Sufficiency and important reasoning question and answer.

Data Sufficiency

The data sufficiency chapter is very important chapter which is given most of the exams. which also covers most of the chapters of reasoning, like mathematical calculations chapter, blood relation, coding and decoding chapters etc. Here is data are provided which are sufficient and possible to determine right answer from the given information.

Before solving the problem we need to understand the definition of data sufficiency. Remember that in data sufficiency problems we are not interested in getting the answer for the question. we have to analyze the given data and also decide that the given data are sufficient or not.

In data sufficiency question will be asked and there will be two statements . There will be five answer options. 

Each question given below has a problem and two statement numbered I and II giving certain information. You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for the answer the problem.

Here is your answer as:

  • A If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question;
  • B If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question;
  • C If the data either in I or II alone are sufficient to answer the question;
  • D If the data even in both the statement together are not sufficient to answer the question;
  • E If the data in both the statement together are sufficient to answer the question;


Example #1

When is Rajesh’s birthday this year ?

I. It is between February 11 and 13, February 11 is being monday.
II. Its not on Thursday.
Explanation : In statement I we can say that Rajesh birthday is on February 12, that is Tuesday. So,the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question.

Example #2

A, B, C and D are four friends. Who among them is the heaviest ?

I. B is heavier than A and D but lighter than C.
II. A is lighter than B and C but heavier than D.
Explanation : From I we have B > A, B>D, C>B.
From II we have, A>D, B>A, C>B
Combining the above two, we have, C>B>A>D

Example #3

What is Gita’s age ?

I. Gita, Bijoy and Kiran are all of the same age.
II. Total age of Bijoy, Kiran and Amar is 32 and Amar is as old as Bijoy and Kiran together.
Explanation :  Im statement I and II, we have G = B = K, B + K + A = 32 and A = B + K.
Putting B + K = A in second , We get 2A = 32 or A = 16
So, B + K = 16 and B = K.
So, B = K = 8.
Thus, R = 8. So, are needed.

Example #4

Among four friends Mina, Sonali, Nita and Komal, who is the heaviest?
I. Sonali is heavier than Mina, but lighter than Komal.
II.  Nita is lighter than Sonali.
Explanation :
From I, we have Mina<Sonali<Komal.
From II, we have Nita<Sonali.
So, Combining (i) and (ii), we can conclude that Komal is the heaviest. So, both the statement are needed.

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