About Our Story

Talking about ourselves, we are two friends and we call ourselves by first letter of our names. So, I am ‘R’ and my friend is ‘B’. Me and B we both completed our education in 2011. After finishing our study we both started taking preparation for competitive exams.


Our primary goal is to crack the bank exam. So, we put all our hard work in that section. We really doing well while we prepare at home but at the exam hall we face a really big problem. We can’t complete our paper within time.


After few failure attempt we consult this problem with one of our senior. He listen all our stories and tell us where we are lacking. Then we came to know that if we need to do maths quickly, we have to use shortcut methods. He then give us all his stuffs while he taking preparation and also suggest to search internet for further help.


Then we started again according to what our senior said to us. We search internet for our further need and again we face some trouble. We found very few websites with sufficient result.



We face too much trouble to find few things on internet. Then one day we were chatting and ‘B’ told me “Hey R just imagine so many people like us face the same problem. Why not we help them.” That time I also hit by the IDEA. Yes, its true so many people like us face this problem. But I was confused that how we can help all of them. Again ‘B’ come up with a great idea. He told me to start a Website. Because only through a website we can reach all of them. From there on we started to build a Website and like this we start math-shortcut-tricks.com.


After started Math-Shortcut-Tricks we got tremendous response from our visitors. They continuously motivate us to do this type of good work more and more. So many people need this kind of help for other portions of competitive exams. From then we started collecting materials for Reasoning. After doing a lot of research and hard work we finally able to bring all our work together and start this website called reasoningtricks.com.


Our Mission

Our mission is to spreads math-shortcut-tricks.com and reasoningtricks.com to all the students who needs a job but for few reasons they could not crack it. We don’t want to see students who are not getting jobs because they could not complete their paper on time.