Cubes and Dice (Non Verbal)

Cubes and Dice Non-verbal Reasoning

In a Competitive exam, Reasoning is one of the most important section. A good score in Reasoning test can lead you to score very good marks in competitive exams. This can be achieve only if you have a very good reasoning skills. According to logic and type, reasoning is basically divided into few sections. Cubes and Dice is one of them.

One of the most important chapter of Reasoning aptitude test is Cubes and Dice. Few reasoning questions in your exam will surely come from this chapter. Now we will show you the process of solving the Cubes and Dice reasoning questions in a very easy and quick manner. This will help in your examination to solve Cubes and Dice reasoning questions. In exam, reasoning questions can be solved very easily and quickly using reasoning shortcut tricks. Now we will show you the process of “Using shortcut tricks, How you can solve reasoning questions”.

Few Important things to Remember

Time is a very important thing in every exams. You need to finish your examination within time. But in a competitive exam, question are for testing your calculation ability within a given time frame. They tests, how fast you can solve a paper. That’s why so many students won’t complete their exam within time. But for faster solution you need to use tricks of reasoning and Cubes and Dice which will help you to solve government, bank and other exam papers quickly.

Here in we provide many reasoning shortcut tricks and online tests. Carefully learn those shortcut tricks. Go through every chapter of reasoning and learn. Then purchase online PDF on reasoning or purchase reasoning books from the market. You can also download reasoning eBooks from online if it’s free. Then use the practice set and solve those reasoning MCQ questions using tricks which you will learn here in This will show you the difference between usage of reasoning tricks and non usage of reasoning tricks. Go through our reasoning notes on Cubes and Dice will help to get success in your examination.

Now we will discuss few important reasoning question answer and also discuss Cubes and Dice chapter in detail.


What is Dice ?

A dice is small cube which has side having different number of placed on it


Type of Dice:

  1. Base Dice
  2. Open Dice


Base Dice has two Type :

  1. Standard Dice
  2. Ordinary Dice



What is Standard dice ?

If a two dices no number are match each other then it is a standard dice.
Cubes and Dice
Both the dices having number are not matching So we can call it standard dice.



What is Ordinary Dice ?

If a number of two dice are matched, then it is called an ordinary dice.
Cubes and Dice
Here we see the two dice, In first one having number 2,3,4 and the second dice having number 3,5,6. Here we say the number 3 are matched. So it is a Ordinary dice.



Rules 1:

If there is one element is common in both dices also having the same surface then the remaining surface of both dice opposite to each other.
Cubes and Dice

Here is two dices and both the dices having number 4 which has same surface. So according to the rule if both dices also having the same surface and also similar number then the remaining surface of both dice 3,5 and 1,2 are opposite to each other. we can say according to rule 2 is opposite to 5 and 1 is opposite to 3.


Rule 2:

If two numbers are same in both dices whether there surface are no equal, then the remaining number of both dice are opposite to each other.
Cubes and Dice

here we see that there are two dices and In this dices 6,2 are similar but you can see that 3, 5 are dissimilar.  It means 5,3 are opposite to each other, If ask about the opposite of 2 and 6 then the answer is can’t be determine because 2 & 6 are similar in both so there are no possible to determine.


Rule 3:

If there is one element common in both the dices having different surface then rotate it in clockwise direction to find out the opposite surface.
Cubes and Dice

According to this rule there are two dices as we see 2 is common in both the dices but there surface are different so to find out the opposite of  5  & 6, we need to do some steps. At first we  do mark similar common number in both the dices then rotate in clock wise direction.

  • As we see after rotating it in clockwise direction first 6 is appear then 5 is appear. So, 6 is opposite to 4.
  • In second dices after rotating in clockwise direction 4 is appear first then 1 is appear. So, 5 is opposite to 1.

Note : After rotating in clockwise direction  6 & 4 become first appearance So these are opposite to each other. 5 & 1 are appear in second one So, these one opposite each other.



Open Dice

Cubes and Dice

Rule 1:

E & F are always opposite to each other and any type of open dice whether it is B & F, B & F OR c & D etc. These to surfaces are always opposite to each other.

Rule 2:

These two A & C there surfaces are not touches each other so, there are opposite to each other.

Rule 3:

Here we see B & D are not touching each other surfaces So, B & D opposite to each other.

  • E opposite to F
  • A opposite to C
  • B opposite to D


Example of Different types of Dice



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