Mirror Images (Non Verbal)

Mirror Images

Reasoning is one of the most important section in a Competitive exam. A good score in Reasoning test can lead you to score very good marks in competitive exams. This can be achieve only if you have a very good reasoning skills. Basically reasoning is divided into few sections according to logic and type. Mirror Images is one of them.

Mirror Images is a very important chapter of Reasoning aptitude tests. Few reasoning questions in your exam will surely come from this chapter. Now here we will discuss some questions on Mirror Images reasoning and also the process of getting the solution. This will help you to do the Mirror Images reasoning very easily and quickly. Reasoning shortcut tricks are nothing but to solve reasoning questions very fast and accurately. Here we will show you the method of “How to solve Reasoning using shortcut tricks”.

Few Important things to Remember

One of the most important thing in every exams is Time. You need to finish your examination within time. But in competitive exams, your calculation ability is tested. They tests, how you do your calculation within time. They tests, how fast you can solve a paper. That’s why so many students won’t complete their exam within time. But if you use tricks of reasoning and Mirror Images then it will help you to solve bank, government or any other exam paper much faster.

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Now we will discuss all the details of Mirror Images and important reasoning question and answer.


What is Mirror Images?

The image of an object which seen in a mirror is called its mirror reflection or mirror image. In this case the image of an object show in reverse order like, right side of an object show as mirror reflection left side and left side image reflection show right image.


Types of Mirror Images :

  • Letter mirror Image
  • Number mirror Image
  • Geometrical Image
  • Shape Image
  • Mix mirror Image


Mirror image are obtain by just inverting the real object.

Letter or Number Image :
Letter Mirror Images



Letter Mirror Images



 letters Mirror Image Chart:

Letter Mirror Images



The letters having identical mirror images are :

A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y



Small Letter Mirror Image
Letter Mirror Images



Example of some words and also Mirror Image :

Word Mirror Images



Types of Mirror Image

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